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Stamford Twin Rinks is home to one of the largest U.S. Figure Skating Learn-To-Skate programs in the country. We offer group skating lessons for all ages and skill levels and employ the only fully-certified professional coaching staff in New England! Our students have fun, build confidence, and learn to skate the right way from the start.

Scroll down for easy-to-read information on our class levels and schedule, registration and fees, and tips on what to wear.

There are five lesson Cycles from September through June, each running six to nine weeks. We offer classes six days a week, Monday through Saturday. Click here to see our full weekly Learn-To-Skate class schedule. We also offer summer group lessons in three, 3- or 4-week cycles.

Stamford Twin Rinks is pleased to offer an early registration discount for every lesson cycle, multi-cycle discounts, and discounts for family members (e.g. siblings; parents) enrolled in our group skating lessons. We will apply all discounts when we process your payment. Download a registration form, below, to see lesson fees and early registration deadlines.


2014-2015 Group Lesson Cycles             

Cycle 5: April 27—June 12, 2015

Class Levels and Descriptions

Choose from one of the following class levels, depending on age, interests (recreational, figure skating, or ice hockey), and skating experience.

  • Snowplow Sam 1-3: The perfect start for children ages 3 to 5. Youngsters learn all basic skating skills (including backward skating, one-foot glides, and curves!) in an age-appropriate way before moving on to the Basic 1-8 curriculum.


  • Basic 1-8: Children ages 6 to 17 will have fun mastering basic through more difficult skills, learning proper technique, and building confidence for a lifetime of skating enjoyment. Successful completion of the Basic 8 level prepares skaters for the Freestyle 1-6 badges and a more serious figure skating program.


  • Tot Hockey: The place to start for the youngest aspiring hockey players! Build the skating skills needed to play the game well, while learning to handle a stick and puck. Prerequisite: Completion of Snowplow Sam 2.


  • Hockey 1-4: Get in the game with these fun, fast-paced classes, combining progressively harder skating skills with stick-and-puck handling techniques and challenging hockey drills. Prerequisite: Completion of Basic 2.


  • Adult 1-6 and Adult Free Skate: It’s never too late to Learn-To-Skate! Our adult classes will take you from your first steps on the ice through increasingly challenging maneuvers, at your own pace, while you build confidence, stay fit, and prepare to enjoy skating on your own or with your children (and, yes, grandchildren!). Students progress through six Basic Skills levels designed especially for adults; more serious skaters may continue through Adult Freestyle levels and ice dancing badges.


  • Free Skate 1-6: Students transition to more serious figure skating through six badge levels, learning increasingly difficult jumps, spins, footwork and spiral sequences, turns and edgework. Prerequisite: Completion of Basic 8. (Aspiring figure skaters also should consider our Wednesday Moves in the Field class, with a focus on higher-level skating fundamentals to improve power, control, balance, flexibility, musicality, and grace. Interested students who have completed Basic 6 may speak with any of our coaches for more information.)


  • Synchronized Skating 1-4: Team skating is the fastest-growing discipline in the world of figure skating. Our Synchronized Skating class teaches students the basic formations, arm positions, sequences, and patterns, preparing them for annual spring team try-outs. “Synchro” skaters have fun, learn teamwork and discipline, and make friends for a lifetime!


The registration form shows prices and available discounts. We offer an early registration discount for every Cycle (including summer group lessons) and a family discount for siblings and parents (or grandparents) enrolled in our classes. Save even more by registering in advance for multiple cycles!  Click here to download a PDF version of the one-page registration form.

How To Register (Step-by-Step)

  • The easiest way to register is on-line by clicking HERE. You will see a drop-down menu of days, times, and program levels.

Follow the instructions below.

  • Under Season, choose a cycle. (Ex. Cycle 1 would be C1 Fall 9/2-10/25/14)
  • Under Level, choose your preferred day and skating level. (Ex. For a Tuesday class at the Basic 3 level, select Tue Basic 3 ages 6-17 7 wks)
  • Under Sessions, your class time will appear automatically in RED.
  • Click Continue.  Then Log In or Create a New Account (for first-time, on-line customers) to pay and complete the registration process. We accept Visa and Mastercard for on-line registrations.


  • Use our registration form to register by mail, fax, or in-person. Click here for our Learn-To-Skate flier, which shows the full schedule of class days and times. Click here to download a registration form (PDF). Payment in full is required with all registrations.
  • Mail to: Stamford Twin Rinks, 1063 Hope St., Stamford, CT 06907
  • Fax to: 203-321-1522 
  • Visit Stamford Twin Rinks to pick-up and submit a form and see our state-of-the-art facility! We are open seven days a week. Forms are available in the outer lobby. Use the yellow Learn-To-Skate registration form for all group lessons and for the Ballet-Skating Combination package (see below for details).


Ballet-Skating Combination Package

Can't decide if your child wants to skate or dance, or maybe try both activities? Stamford Twin Rinks is home to the Springdale Ballet and Dance Academy, with a professional, fully-mirrored and equipped dance studio and experienced dance instructors. We offer a Ballet-Skating Combination package each skating cycle (see above for the five 2014-2015 cycles). We also offer separate ballet classes year round; click here for more information on our Ballet and Dance programs.

Skating and ballet complement each other in many ways and are both excellent activities to build and improve strength, fitness, grace, balance, and coordination. Our combination package is the best deal in town!

To register for the combination Ballet-Skating package:

  • Choose one weekly Ballet class. Click here for a full description of our Ballet classes and weekly schedule.
  • Choose one weekly Skating class. Click here for a schedule of Learn-To-Skate classes.
  • Use the Learn-To-Skate registration form to register for the Ballet-Skating Combination. Fill in your preferred Ballet class and preferred Skating class (they don't need to be on the same day).
  • Mail (or drop off) your completed registration form to Stamford Twin Rinks, 1063 Hope St., Stamford, CT 06907; fax your form to 203-321-1522; or register by telephone (203-968-9000, ext. 16). Payment in full is required with all registrations.

What to Wear

Warm, comfortable clothes that allow for easy movement are best for skating classes. Layering will help a skater stay warm and adjust if they work up a sweat. Safety is a priority for us, so here are some clothing requirements and suggestions for skating classes at Stamford Twin Rinks.

  • Helmets are required for all Snowplow Sam 1-3 and Basic 1-3 students, Adult beginners, and all students age 9 and under. Any well-fitting helmet is acceptable. For safety and protection, hockey helmets with face-mask are best, especially for the youngest skaters; skating and ski helmets are very good; and bike helmets are adequate. For students not wearing a helmet, we strongly recommend a thick, snug-fitting hat to protect the head in case of a fall. Visit SKATE ZONE Pro Shop at Stamford Twin Rinks for a great selection of hockey and skating helmets.
  • Gloves or mittens are required for all students age 17 and under, and strongly recommended for adults, as well. They provide both warmth and safety.
  • Snow pants, long pants, athletic pants, leggings, or tights (with skating dress, skirt, or leotard).  For safety and ease of movement, pants should not fall below the heel of the skate or drag on the ground. Young children often prefer snow pants, which make them feel padded and dry. Shorts are not permitted unless worn over tights or leggings.
  • Thin- to medium-weight high socks or tights. Skates should fit snugly, so thick socks are not recommended. Socks should come up higher than the top of the skate boot, to prevent the skate from rubbing against the leg. Tights are a great choice for girls, either under pants or with a skating dress, skirt, or leotard.
  • Jacket, fleece, sweater, sweatshirt, and/or long sleeve shirt. Think layers! Skaters can always remove a layer if they are too warm during class or practice time.

Still have questions? Please give our Skating Directors a call at (203) 968-9000 x16.

We are happy to help you select the right class to meet your needs and goals.

Thank you for choosing the nationally recognized U.S. Figure Skating Learn-To-Skate program at Stamford Twin Rinks!


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