Stamford Twin Rinks has been setting the standard in Fairfield County Summer Programs for over 20 years! Our popular Summer packages offer a wide choice of fun and fitness options for the entire family.


  • Daily Skating Camp
  • Group Skating Classes for preschoolers through adults
  • Figure Skating sessions six days a week
  • Private skating lessons


All Stamford Twin Rinks Learn-to-Skate and figure skating programs are directed by two Master-rated coaches and taught by the only fully certified professional coaching staff in New England. Stamford Twin Rinks is home to one of the nation's top twenty U.S. Figure Skating Basic Skills programs and to the Springdale Ballet and Dance Academy, with a mirrored professional studio.



Snowplow Sam 1-3 (ages 3 to 5)

Youngsters learn all basic skating skills (including backward skating, one-foot glides, and curves) in an age-appropriate way before moving on to the Basic Skills curriculum.


Basic 1-8 (ages 6 to 17)

Master basic through more difficult skills, learning correct technique and building confidence. Successful completion of Basic 8 prepares skaters for the Freestyle badges and a more serious figure skating program.

Advanced Figure Skating

Transition to more serious figure skating through six Freestyle levels, learning increasingly difficult jumps, spins, footwork and spiral sequences, turns and edgework.


Move from your first steps on the ice through increasingly challenging maneuvers at your own pace, while building confidence and staying fit. Six Basic levels are designed especially for adults; more serious skaters continue through Adult Freestyle levels and Ice Dancing badges.




Please call our Skating Directors with questions: (203) 968-9000 x 16.


See you on the ice this Summer!


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